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OUCH... To Be CONtinued

If you've been following along, (on the Yahoo groups especially) you know that Robert J. Sawyer will not be attending the convention, because the con chair "forgot" to book his badge and travel in time, then proceeded to lie, saying it was a problem with immigration and customs. No, sorry, Rob has dual Canadian and US citizenship. This would imply that he's a criminal, or on some sort of government watch list. Considering the number of cons he's been to recently, and the ones he's signed up for, this is both untrue and damaging. According to Rob, he received a phone call from an author friend of his asking if they'd like to be GOH for 2BCon. The friend declined, and told Rob about it. That's right, the con failed to tell Rob that he'd been cancelled before trying to find a replacement. The con website now has a tiny, almost unnoticable apology on the homepage, under the advertisements, and about where you'd see the "visitors to this page", and done with poor spelling and grammar. On the "about", there is a message implying that the guests themselves were forced to cancel.

The original GOH list included Bob Eggleton (cancelled due to his mother's health), Javier Grillo Marxuach (appearance contingent on professional committments), Robert J. Sawyer (see above), Larry Elmore (still coming, as far as we know), WETA Workshop (cancelled, no reasons given yet), Aaron Douglas (cancelled, no reasons given yet).

If that's not bad enough, let's CONtinue to the website...

(Personal thoughts in parentheses)

Art Show
Due to hotel problems there will be no art show at To Be Continued this year. All art mailed in will be returned to Artists in the condition it arrived in.

Chicago Games Quest has been canceled this year due to hotel problems. Sorry for the trouble


Due to hotel problems we regret the we have to cancel our consuite. The hotel has social areas to meet and gather as well as restaurants and bar. Sorry for any trouble this causes you.

Critter Crunch

Special Guest Announcer: Great Luke Ski

Guest Judges: Robert J. Sawyer & Larry Elmore

(Obviously, Robert J. Sawyer is no longer a judge.)

Friday Dance 10pm Main Programming

Do not miss our Friday night dance with Pirate DJ’s “Bluebeard” Brian Miskelley & Nigel Sade. Join our resident Pirates as they spin music in their swashbuckling ways. This promises to be a dance not to be missed. And if you have ever seen the ADD Pirate Comedy Show then you know why! If not, then see it Friday before the dance begins.

(Wow, there's an actual event taking place!)


Due to hotel problems we have been forced to greatly reduce our film schedule to Saturday night starting at 5pm only. We will be showing the Movie Trailer Panel, Lego Film, Zathura, and Serenity. Sorry for the inconvienience.

House of Bricks/ LEGO

(According to the webpage, House of Bricks/ LEGO is still going.)

Internet Cafe

HTTP 404 - File not found
Internet Explorer


Due to hotel problems we have had to cancel our Luau. There will be a Pirate dance still on Friday night. We are sorry for any problems this may have caused you.


The traditional Saturday Night Masquerade is one of our cornerstone events. Each year we will see more and more elaborate and fantastic creations come to life on our stage! The Masquerade is open to all. Don't miss the musical fun of this stage event!

This year we are proud to announce our biggest and best masquerade yet!

(Somehow I doubt that.)

MC'd by Bob Eggleton

(It won't be Bob Eggleton.)

Mobius Theatre

(According to the website, it's still going.)


(I doubt they'll be many.)


To Be CONtinued is a full spectrum Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention that prides itself on offering something for everyone! Do not miss one moment of our show. Whether it's the main stage or the theater lobby you will find lots of entertainment for your dollar!

(Again, I doubt this.)


Sunday At To Be Continued 5 Register For To Be Continued 6. Drop by Registration and take advantage of the one day only, discounted rate of $30. That's a $10 savings off of the normal pre-reg rate of $40.

(They'll need more than good luck to pull this one off...)

Attention lukeski, Critter Crunch also cancelled, due to lack of a room.

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