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Redemption 13 announces first two guests

The first two guests have been announced for next year's Redemption 13 convention. They are actress Virginia Hey and author Kim Newman.

Virginia Hey
Born in Sydney, Australia, Virginia now lives in the UK. Starting off as a model, she first came to acting prominence in Mad Max 2 (aka The Road Warrior in the US), in white armour and went on to play Leigh Templar in Prisoner: Cell Block H and Jenny in an episode of Timeslip. She appeared in Neighbours for a year before portraying General Pushkin's (John Rhys Davies) girlfriend in the Bond movie The Living Daylights.

After a spell in various TV shows (including Home And Away and Dolphin Cove) she came to SF stardom as Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan in Farscape. Her most recent acting role was as Ute in the 2011 film Alien Armageddon. Since then, she has taught meditation, and founded her own company making various examples of parfumerie and scented products, and teaches meditation.

Kim Newman
As well as being an award-winning novelist specialising in alternate history fantasy/horror novels, Kim is well-known as a reviewer for Empire and Sight & Sound. His nonfiction writing has included analytical guides to various genres. His fiction career first took off with various Warhammer novels under the pseudonym Jack Yeovil, but really came to prominence with Anno Dracula in 1992, which has spawned a series.

Most recently he delved into a unique take on Sherlock Holmes pastichery with Professor Moriarty: The Hound Of The D'Urbervilles. He also wrote the acclaimed Telos Dr Who novella Time And Relative, and many short stories. Kim is also a familiar face on TV and DVD features, especially in programmes about SF and horror.

He has won the Bram Stoker Award, the International Horror Critics' Guild Award (twice), the British Fantasy Award and the BSFA award.
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