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FurFright X (April News)

We're already hard at work gearing up for FurFright X! We've got some new and exciting stuff planned, and we're updating/improving your old favorites! We've never been a con that phones it in or rests on its luscious (yet sweaty) pasty-white laurels. We work hard and try new things so we can give you the best con we can every single year!

News Briefs:
-- NEW HOTEL CONTRACT: FurFright has signed a new contract with the Crowne Plaza Cromwell through 2015! So we'll be haunting our beloved labyrinth for years to come! Whoop de freakin' DOO!
-- SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER: Don't miss vital con info and updates! Sign-up for the Official FurFright newsletter and have it delivered right to your inbox! Sign up form is on the www.furfright.org homepage.
-- PRE-REGISTER OR CRY!: Pre-register for the con NOW so you can save money and guarantee yourself admission! Register here: http://www.furfright.org/attendee.html
-- IMPROVEMENTS FOR 2013?: Yes! We're already working on implementing improved systems for reserving hotel rooms and dealer tables!

Coming In 2012!
-- Special 10th anniversary events and rememberies! (Mock the past as only FurFright can!)
-- Retro 10th anniversary FurFright shirts & merchandise! (The past is here...today!)
-- New Atrium movies and events (And don't miss our Rocky Horror Picture Show Saturday night)!
-- The FurFright Car Show Is Back! (Yo, check out my ride!)
-- Costume Competition (be part of our Masquerade halftime show and win prizes)
-- Karaoke! (Grab the mic and howl like you think you can sing!)
-- New Fursuit Massacre! (New games, more guts, more glory!)
-- Dead Dog Party & Parade (Pizza and parades! What's not to love?)
-- New Improved Registration! (We've updated our system so you wait less and frolic more!)
-- We're Going To Help The War Dogs Like Never Before!

And so much more!

In This Issue:
1) Don't Wait To Pre-Register!
2) We Need YOU To Run Panels & Events!
3) /Writers: Have Your Work Showcased @ FurFright!
4) FurFright Car Show!
5) Get Your FurFright Hockey Jersey!

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